Friday, December 29, 2006

One of the Heroes of Black Hawk Down Is a Convicted Child Molester

The movie Black Hawk Down was one of the biggest box office draws of 2001, and it earned its
director, Ridley Scott, an Oscar nomination. (He didn't win, but the movie got two Academy
Awards for editing and sound.) Based on Mark Bowden's nonfiction book of the same title, it
concerns the disastrous raid of Mogadishu, Somalia, by US elite soldiers in 1993.
One of these Special Forces soldiers underwent a name-change as he moved from the printed
page to the big screen. Ranger John "Stebby" Stebbins became Ranger Danny Grimes when
played by Scottish heartthrob Ewan McGregor. Why? Because in 2000, Stebbins was court-
martialed and sent to the stockade for rape and sodomy of a child under twelve.
This decidedly unheroic turn of events was confirmed by the Army, the Fort Leavenworth
military prison (Stebby's home for the next 30 years), and Black Hawk Down's author. Bowden
told the New York Post that the Army asked him to change Stebbins' name in the screenplay in
order to avoid embarrassing the military.
In an email to the newspaper, Stebby's ex-wife, Nora Stebbins, wrote: "They are going to make
millions off this film in which my ex-husband is portrayed as an All-American hero when the
truth is he is not."


Caramia said...

Hero and perfect are 2 exclusively diffefent concepts. Although not perfect, for his sin did find him out, he remains a war hero.

Ryan Beasley said...

I agree with Caramia. I realize he screwed up and made a terrible mistake. However, he is still a war hero. What he did in Somalia saved lives. John Stebbins was also my drill sergeant in basic training. He was a great leader. I learned a lot from him.

ajax001 said...

I do not agree at all thats like saying someone who is a rape hound (rapes women,children etc) has a family at home and goes out and hurts people rapes them whatever, but he gets out and does some heroic deed, would you trust him cause he did a good deed? let your child sleep over at his house cause he has a kid? no no sane person would, what this so called war hero did is not a mistake its a disgrace. They make a movie and change his name for a good reason not cause it was a mistake. To Ryan Beasley's comment that he was a great leader/war hero and saved lives changes nothing he is a scumbag who should be nutered. He might of saved lives before but he also ruined them

ajax001 said...

I have so much respect for vets and the great service they do for all of us, but If a sports player/athlete cheats or uses drugs they take his medals away and disgrace him (neil armstrong) It doesnt matter who and how many he inspired, he commited a crime or a really grievous error. or wait for it a "terrible mistake" as some people refer to. This was a mistake but hurting a child is not a mistake that person is sick, and should never be allowed free again, bring back capital punishment for criiimes like these.

JohnnySixString said...

Ryan "support the rapist" Beasley - "I realize he screwed up and made a terrible mistake."


But that's just a mistake in your book. But since your photo looks exactly like what a rapist would look like, I can see you equate raping your own child with stealing a candy bar.

JohnnySixString said...

So, this is Stebbin's "MISTAKE" documented in his court marshall. She was SIX at the time he mistakenly forced his penis into her. But hey,no big deal, HE'S A F*CKING MILITARY HERO, Right?

United States v. Stebbins, No. 03-0678/AR

Appellant enlisted in the Army on June 4, 1996, for a term

of six years. His military record reflects exceptional service

as an Army Ranger, and he was awarded a Silver Star for his

heroism in Mogadishu, Somalia, in the incident that later became

the basis of the book and movie Black Hawk Down.

Unfortunately, the heroism Appellant displayed on the

battlefield did not translate into his home life. Sometime

around October 1, 1998, when Appellant and his family lived at

Fort Benning, Georgia, he began sexually abusing his six-year-

old daughter, MS. Appellant approached MS and asked her whether

she had seen him in bed with his wife. After she replied that

she had, Appellant made MS remove her clothes, lie face down on

the bed and spread her legs. He then raped her. Appellant

admits that he raped MS at least two more times before September

30, 1999. Before raping MS for a third time, Appellant also

forcibly sodomized her.

Appellant’s offenses were discovered on March 17, 1999,

after Appellant and his wife separated and were living apart.

In response to an argument Appellant and his wife had over the

telephone, MS, who was then seven, told her mother that she was

“mad at him” and that she “hate[d] him” “[b]ecause he did sex to

me.” When questioned by her mother, MS indicated that Appellant
had penetrated her genitals and anus and had placed his penis in

her mouth.

Mike said...

whatever criminal act he did years later, the facts of his valorous service on that particular day in Africa is not changed. It is not even minimized.

Brandon Burchfield said...

What a pos scumbag. He shoulda died in that East African shit hole. He should be stripped of all rank medals a commendation etc. maybe get some of that prison lovin while he's there.

Alone at the crossroads said...

People are complicated. A person can do both courageous and evil acts. One does not cancel the other.

His heroism was justly acknowledged.
And he is also being justly punished for his evil act.

Carey Coudini said...

Only Christers can separate molestation from war murder and consider themselves clean, when, humanistically, you are the most unclean bastards we currently possess in the CONUS.

Carey Coudini said...

Wow. There is a panapoly of baby-raper defenders on here.

James Hale said...

ajax001: you have the wrong Armstrong my friend you mean Lance Armstrong, As Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon

Jay Shepherd said...

Stop attacking Ryan Beasley for his choice of words. He simply stated what he knew about the man. If you know a person and they commit a terrible act or make a mistake or have an error in judgement does that mean you lose all positive memories of that person? If someone is an asshole and a prick and does something heroic we don't forget our negative experiences with that person. RYAN never once said he supported his actions or approved of rape. He simply stated his memories of the man. You should all focus your attacks on the rapist not every person who has met him and has a nice thing to say about him.

Herra Wulfric HelleFeuer said...
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Mason Pagano said...

A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad the good. You can't take away the fact that he saved so many in Mogadishu. You also can't take away the fact that he's rotting in prison for a very serious crime.

Mick taylor said...

War hero maybe, utterly worthless scum bag who forcibly sodomised the one person in the world who trusted him unconditionally, Yes.

I hope he gets raped in prison.

Mick taylor said...

War hero maybe, utterly worthless scum bag who forcibly sodomised the one person in the world who trusted him unconditionally, Yes.

I hope he gets raped in prison.

Unknown said...

Dude I was on sand hill D1/19 2nd Pl Candy Land, dude should have died before he got behind the wall. It's a great day to be in the Infantry unless you are a shitbag piece of shit! I would lay him down...

Unknown said...

That piece of dirt would sing cadence roll her over in the clovers do it again do it again. That was his child you dumbfuck!

Unknown said...

Hey stebbins hope you read this now your out... 1 round make it count